Patient: ‘My lower back just hurts and is stiff all the time and I feel it going down the back of my leg.’

Medical doctor: ‘You have lumbalgia with hypertonicity and radiculopathy. Here’s some pills.

Patient: ‘Genius. Thanks.”

Patient: ‘My hands hurt. My feet hurt. I just feel off all over and I get headaches.’

Doctor: ‘You have polyneuropathy. Here’s some pills’

Patient: ‘Brilliant. Thanks.’

Patient: ‘I can’t sleep. I mean, I know I’m overweight, I hate my job and my life for that matter, the only marathon I’ve ever done is on Netflix and the only fruit I eat is what’s in a Pop Tart filling.”

Doctor: ‘It’s not your fault. You have narcolepsy which is probably genetic. Here’s some pills.’

Patient: Best. doctor. ever.

Patient: ‘My neck and shoulders are always killing me. I have headaches more often than not. It’s affecting my sleep, my emotions, pretty much my life!’

Chiropractor: ‘While all of these symptoms are important, they are your body’s way of screaming at you to do something different. You live your life through your nerve system and now is the time for you to start taking care and responsibility of your health. You don’t need a need a plan of action. You are the source and solution to your health challenges and I am honored to partner with you on this journey.

Patient: ‘I don’t know about that. Let me do some research. Can’t you just give me something?’

❓Would you rather a fancy renaming of your symptoms or would you rather address the CAUSE❓

You see....lumbalgia means back pain. Hyertonicity means it’s stiff. Radiculopathy means it’s radiating.

Polyneuropathy? Poly = a lot of. Neuro= nerve. Pathy = problems. So yeah, a lot of nerve problems. Brilliant.

The most important question you AND your doctor can ask and answer is ‘WHY⁉️’

Ask WHY. 


Originally Posted by Dr. Josiah Fitzsimmons